Jay C. Newman - FBI


On October 5, 1925, Jay C. Newman started his career as a Special Employee in the Bureau of Investigation of the Department of Justice under J. Edgar Hoover.  Later, as changes were needed to battle the increasing number of federal crimes, specifically bank robberies and kidnappings, Congress widened the Bureau's investigative jurisdiction and changed its name to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, more commonly known as the "FBI".  Agent Newman served in the FBI as a Special Agent and Special Agent in Charge in a number of offices.  See his Personal History for more details.


While serving out of the Chicago Bureau Office, Agent Newman, along with a number of other agents, were called from their homes on Easter Sunday, April 22, 1934, because members of the Dillinger Gang were pinned down inside a hunting lodge outside of Rhinelander, Wisconsin.  John Dillinger and Lester M. Gillis, alias “Baby Face” Nelson, were among them.  Somehow, Baby Face Nelson was able to get outside and into a car that was approached by Agent Newman, Agent Carter Baum, and a local sheriff.  Baby Face Nelson got out of his car and approached the agents’ car with a drawn automatic pistol.  He shot Agent Newman in the head, killed Agent Baum, and seriously wounded the sheriff.  Agent Newman survived the gunshot to his head.  Below is the hat worn by Agent Newman at the time he was shot.